Welcome to the Citizen Science Portal

A place to share data and ideas on issues that matter to you

Current Projects

  • project_lamprey

    Lamprey Watch

    Share your sightings of lampreys spawning in Scotland’s rivers

  • project_rainfall

    Rainfall Observers

    Providing daily rainfall data from homes and schools

  • Soil erosion logo

    Soil Erosion

    Tell us about your sightings of soil erosion in Scotland

  • air quality project

    Learn About Air

    A teaching pack and low cost monitoring kit for Scotland’s schools

  • project_angler

    Anglers Riverfly

    Monitoring biological quality in Scotland’s rivers

  • project_river

    River Obstacles

    Helping to remove obstacles to fish migration

  • project_aqua

    Aqua Invaders

    Tracking invasive, non-native freshwater aquatic life

  • Sealife Tracker

    Sealife Tracker

    Tracking invasive, non-native marine life

  • project_plant


    Helping to combat the spread of the most invasive non-native plant species

Why we built the portal

Citizen Science is really important to the partners in Scotland’s Environment. It generates data which are used to make decisions, set priorities and debate issues, but just as importantly, it promotes citizen education, empowerment, health and wellbeing. By building this portal, we want to improve the support that is available to Citizen Science projects, especially in relation to gathering data, making it easy to view and understand, and easy to discuss.

What the portal does

The portal helps us to bring information on a variety of projects into one place, covering topics as diverse as weather, soils, air quality, water quality and protected species. We want to make it easier for participants to take part in projects, find a home for new projects they have created, see their contribution and discuss it with others. The portal also provides a place for us to try out new approaches towards data gathering and engagement, new tools and new resources.

Who is the portal for?

The portal currently brings together two main groups of people; volunteers who are already taking part in a Citizen Science project or are looking for a new project, and the organisers of Citizen Science projects in the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). By working with the partners in Scotland’s Environment, we aim to add more projects to the portal in the future.

Contact Us

If you have any feedback on any aspects of the Citizen Science portal, either as a volunteer or as a project organiser, then please do contact us at Scotland’s Environment